RASH was started in late-2013, Nairobi, Kenya, when Maximiliano Filardi (Max) met with Abed Kariuki (Abedi) in University and realized that they had the same passion in rock music, and ever since that day the members vowed to make music that will cross the East African boundaries and appease not only the local scene but International rock scene.



Lead Vocals: Samuel "Sam" Mwangi. (Kenya)

Lead guitarist: Maximiliano "Max" Filardi. (Argentina)

Rhythm guitarist: Machel “Yubu” Kazungu. (Kenya)

Bassist: Jona Mwendwa (Kenya)

Drummer: Samuel "Gakosh" Gakungu. (Kenya)







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Single Release
Friday 8th Dec, 2017.

The song "Nitachange" is there to remind us that we shall not be divided by artificial social constructs and intangible and mental divisions. To remind us that political differences should not be attached to stereotypes based on ethnic generalization. Such artificial social constructs, intangible divisions, and ethnic generalizations almost always serve to a bigger picture. We should not get confused and/or influenced by ethnic generalization, for your community is one thing, and your persona is a whole different thing. For we will not fall in the same trap again.

During presidential elections eve, more specifically in Kenya, you should be entitled to your political opinion. We should not fall into the same trap again and go with the "ideals" of he or she who comes from my same village just because we happen to do come from the same village, and they'll therefore take care of me. Yes, we all do love our culture, and embracing it is never a not a bad thing. Nevertheless, it shouldn't be the one decisive factor upon which one should base his/her decision-making when casting votes that will decide the future of an entire country, allowing it to divide us.

In the issue of politics, we should not care if other people think that tribalism will always prevail. We need to face the situation with a different mentality, and not to be blindly guided by tribalism on matters which should not be influenced by anything else but wisdom. This perception has to change, even if people think there is no change and the story will always be the same. Social perceptions are influenced by individuals within a group. The group is made of you and me. I won't blame you, or ask you to change. The change starts with me. I will change...NITACHANGE.

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